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At Elisa, we always choose artisanal and sustainable quality products. Fortunately we do not have to look far for this! From cold cuts from our own street to coffee from Rotselaar, we love local.

JAVA coffee

The coffee beans in your cup are roasted in a climate-neutral way at JAVA coffee in Rotselaar, about 9 kilometers away. They resolutely go for premium coffee, which they roast slowly. This gives the coffee beans all the time they need to release the best of themselves. Just like you, who, after that cup of coffee, can take on the whole world!

Butcher Ox

Our charcuterie comes from a few buildings further down the Brusselsestraat. At culinary butcher's Ox, Rik and Fran provide daily quality craftsmanship prepared meat. Their ham and bacon come from the Duroc d'olives pig breed, a breed that is fed with olive oil, among other things, to obtain a healthier fat composition.


Thanks to Kort'om Leuven we can source from local farmers and products from the region. That way we get fresh quality products from local producers every day!

De Trog

Fresh bread for our sandwiches comes from De Trog, an organic bakery! De Trog bakery selects only the best organic raw materials to process into their most original and honest form.

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